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Special order print materials and merchandise with information showcasing KC as a hub for creativity and innovation

TeamKC offers custom company-branded materials showcasing your company alongside accolades for the Kansas City region. Include these items in career days, campus tours and recruitment packets.

Personify the Kansas City region through our national lifestyle campaign, America's Creative Crossroads. Telling the Kansas City story through some of KC's most creative and innovative people, America's Creative Crossroads helps candidates and new hires identify with individuals living and working in our city. Incorporate elements of the America's Creative Crossroads campaign into your candidate communication using the Creative Crossroads Flip Book

For your various recruiting needs, TeamKC provides KC-branded merchandise to help you create connections with job candidates and reinforce the KC brand.

Stay up-to-date on lifestyle assets in the Kansas City region

TeamKC partners with your recruiting and relocation teams to create and develop detailed KC tour talking points highlighting specific districts and aspects of living in Kansas City based on your candidates' demographics and interests. 

TeamKC offers personalized presentations during employee interviewing days, offering unique and comprehensive information on the region. We also offer training and customized presentations for your recruiters to use with candidates and new hires.


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