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Cultural Resource Guides

Cultural Resource GuideTeamKC is taking bold steps to support our partners in building an inclusive, enriched and welcoming KC region. Share these quick reference guides with current employees and new hires to engage your talent in KC’s growing cultural communities.

Available Cultural Reference Guides:
       African Americans
       Individuals with Disabilities

Help us continue to expand our reach and provide more information for individuals moving to the KC area. Please participate in taking the surveys below and share them with your contacts. Learn more about the surveys.

Custom Content

Custom Content-minTeamKC offers custom company-branded materials showcasing your company alongside accolades for the Kansas City region. Our custom content spans ratings and rankings, top 10 lists, regional maps, cost of living comparisons and much more.

For your various recruiting needs, TeamKC provides KC-branded merchandise to help you create connections with job candidates and reinforce the KC brand. Include these items in career days, campus tours and recruitment packets.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt-minWith more than 60 fun facts and trivia the ExploreKC scavenger hunt helps individuals discover KC’s many neighborhoods, entertainment outlets and dining hot spots.

America's Creative Crossroads

Personify the Kansas City region through our national lifestyle campaignAmerica's Creative Crossroads. Telling the Kansas City story through some of KC's most creative and innovative people, America's Creative Crossroads helps candidates and new hires identify with individuals living and working in our city. Incorporate elements of the America's Creative Crossroads campaign into your candidate communication using the Creative Crossroads Flip Book.


For more information about Cultural Resource Guides, custom content or the scavenger hunt contact Jessica Palm.


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