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Team KC Scouting Report | Can we go back to the future…?

by Shianne Kolts | Jun 18, 2019

Can we go back to the future…?
We’ve never wanted to be Marty McFly more than after hearing the 2023 NFL Draftwill take place in our own backyard. Obviously, we know KC is the perfect location with our rich sports culture and amazing NFL team. Duh! You made the right choice, NFL. Until then, we’ll be anxiously awaiting the festivities while watching fan-fave, Patty Mahomes, and all our KC Chiefs.

If you’ve dreamed about a Hollywood life…
Wake up!  KC has amenities that rival the West Coast including the latest fitness craze. From a hot yoga sauna to a menu of wellness shots, Sweat Theory will bring a little Hollywood to your workout routine.

When your new hires need cool apartments…
Being added to Kansas City’s robust apartment market is The Lofts at City Center. Breaking ground at the already amazing Lenexa City Center, these luxury apts. will be the hippest new spot for incoming candidates to call home.

In case you haven’t heard…
Last week, USDA announced KC will be the new home of its Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). Whoa - that’s like 568 jobs heading to our region! Luckily, TeamKC is here to help relocated employees throughout the transition. In fact, our hefty portfolio of talent attraction resources are part of what won them over. We’re beyond proud of our team at the Kansas City Area Development Council and thrilled to welcome new residents to the region!

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