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TeamKC Scouting Report | My heart will go on...

by Addie Linn | Nov 14, 2019

My heart will go on…
And on, and on, and on. The iconic KC Heart that has organically branded our region since 2012 is getting a major marketing boost from our team at KCADC.* Through an official partnership with Charlie Hustle, the heart symbol will be the center of a national consumer marketing campaign. Sign up on to become a #KCHeartland Ambassador and follow along on Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned for more info on how our network of recruiters can use the icon to attract the best and brightest.

Need something new to try…?
Think inside the box. Actually you should shop, drink and dine inside the boxes in North KC’s new neighborhood, The Iron District. Uniquely configured of brightly colored shipping containers, this dining and retail destination is packed with local vendors. With an abundance of eateries, a tiki bar and retail shops like 3&Me Boutique, it’s a perfect weekend stop.

When the team needs to celebrate…
Can you say whiskey Wednesday? Take a load off at the newest hip spot to hit the West Bottoms district. West Bottoms Whiskey will open a small batch distillery by the end of 2019. This distiller will differentiate itself from others by using unique ingredients and specializing in wheat whiskey.

What to do when the feds are after you…
Change your name. Home to popular restaurants like Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken and Taco Republic, the vibrant commercial strip at 47th Street & Mission is getting a branding overhaul. The Westwood neighborhood will now be referred to as “The 47,” in an effort to develop the area as more than a destination for Joe’s KC barbecue. 

* Just in case you forgot for a sec … TeamKC has a parent organization, you know the one. The only. The Kansas City Area Development Council.

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