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TeamKC Scouting Report | Hot diggity dog...

by Addie Linn | May 12, 2020

Hot diggity dog… 
What to say when a ~ Disney themed ~ development is coming to KC, centered around the OG Mickey Mouse himself. ICYMI - Walt Disney’s very first studio, you know, the birthplace of modern animation and home of the real life mouse that inspired the world’s most famous cartoon, was located right here in KC. Now, a project led by local developer, Butch Rigby, aims to bring that studio back to life in a museum + coworking concept. Oh boy! 

When you’re down by double digits… 
Don’t freak! It may seem like fighting COVID-19 is a losing battle but so did the third quarter of this year’s biggest game in football… and we all know how that turned out. Turns out, the Patrick Mahomes of global pandemics has stepped onto the field. Comeback KC, formed by area business leaders, has launched a one-stop shop for regional coronavirus news. Its focus? Testing and tracking. By providing resources for tracing the virus, including this app you should download now, Comeback KC aims to limit the spread and help our economy open up safely and responsibly. 

One spark can start a fire… 
What started as a local chef doing good has turned into a region-wide collaboration to help those in need. Chef Collective KC has launched the Community Meals Project, an initiative focused on employing hospitality workers and addressing food insecurity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. With community kitchens standing up around the region, the initiative seeks to mass produce meals for those who need them most. 

So you’re allowed to return to work…
Now what? On a recent TeamKC Virtual Coffee Chat, recruiters discussed the ever anticipated return to the workplace. Want the skinny? Check out our recap blog post and podcast episode highlighting the conversation topics, as well as the #SafeReturnKC Guide, a community resource for employers. 

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