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TeamKC Scouting Report | Peace, love and vibes...

by Addie Linn | Feb 18, 2021

Peace, love and vibes…
If the winter blues have you feeling less than groovy, you’ll want to boogie on down to Overland Park’s newest coffee shop. The 70s themed decor inside Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout is sure to add some flower power to these gloomy days. The shop is adorned with nostalgic posters, has a far out menu and is owned and operated by a local mother-daughter duo. Can you dig it? Definitely try the cookie dough latte, it’s like a disco in your mouth. 

Celebrate Black History Month...
KC is brimming with ways to educate and celebrate. Brush up on your history with a trip to the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Leauges Baseball Museum. Staying inside? Tune in to “Storied,” a 22-episode series detailing the history of the Negro Leagues. Check out the programming the KC Public Library has planned, and don’t forget to support black businesses along the way. You can start with this Buy Black shopping guide from Made in KC Explore! 

Technically speaking… 
They don’t call us silicon prairie for nothing. Kansas City is continuing to make a name for itself in the world of tech. In a recent ranking by Spanning, KC made the list of top 15 large metros with the most technology jobs per capita. With competitive wages and approximately 46,240 jobs in computer and math occupations, KC stands out. 

It’s the cost of living for me… 
Totally unshocking. An affordable region with urban amenities, the bang for the buck is hard to beat in KC. We know that, but does everyone else? Well, maybe they’re catching on. In a recent article published by the New York Times, the value of three homes in three major markets, including KC, was compared. The clear winner? Obviously, us. Revolutionary, we know! 

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