• TeamKC
    December 06 | 7:00AM
    EPN | Diversity & Inclusion
    In this age of rapid-change, increased competition and endless pressure to perform, it’s no wonder that employees are feeling the stress and more are vocal about their dissatisfaction. But few people understand real challenges more than 28 year-old Kelsey Tainsh. A stroke victim at age 15, Kelsey has spent the past twelve years defying stereotypes and confounding both her doctors and her doubters. Kelsey has learned that the key to inclusion lies in teaching people to embrace their differences and recognize the unique gifts that everyone brings to work and relationships. Delivered with humor, remarkable insights and profound takeaways, Kelsey will help you gain a new perspective on creating a more inclusive, dynamic and an enlightened approach to boosting work satisfaction. Audiences will learn to transcend discontent and walk away with a resilient new mindset and a fresh appreciation for the gift of work, accomplishment and the relationships we all share.

    Time: 7:00 - 9:30 a.m.
    Location: Overland Park Convention Center, 6000 College Blvd

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