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How Big Data and AI can Disrupt the College-to-Career Talent Marketplace

by Angela Orr | Jan 04, 2018

Due to advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, recruitment strategies will continue to evolve, especially in college recruitment settings. Director of University Partnerships at AstrumU, Calvin McConnell, shares the latest research on trends and how the KC area will help launch AstrumU’s services on a national scale.

Will college graduates in the coming years have the right blend of technical and soft skills, along with a sought-after set of workplace competencies, to help our businesses and economy grow?

Employers are worried they won’t, numerous studies have shown.

At AstrumU, our goal is to help students find meaningful and impactful career paths and provide a platform for companies to efficiently develop and identify talent on campuses across the U.S.

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The lack of transparency and efficiency in today’s process of matching student talent supply to business talent demand is an immediate challenge for campus recruitment leads—and also a pressing long-term strategic issue for regional economies.

We see it as a data and information asymmetry problem. Through leveraging big data and artificial intelligence between the three (3) major stakeholders in this marketplace—universities, companies and students—AstrumU seeks to drive best practices in unlocking, cultivating and recruiting college graduate talent:

  • We partner with universities for data sharing and deploy machine learning to identify career pathway signals from students’ academic programs, course performance, experiential/leadership activities, and a host of other data sources.
  • We aggregate and analyze the skills/competencies needs of companies, while studying their culture, campus recruitment conversion data, and career pathways.
  • We empower students through providing a career exploration platform that allows them to build experiential and skills-based CVs alongside their traditional degree, receive competency-building recommendations from companies—and, ultimately, identify career paths and match with employers.

The marketplace we are building gives employers more interaction and influence with students earlier in their college careers, at a personalized and customized level through our client search engine.

KC Metro as National Model

Our work in the Kansas City metro area thus far has been jointly led by the University of Kansas, AstrumU’s first partner university. We are in early partnership discussions with numerous universities and company clients throughout the region. The important work of groups like the KC Area Development Council, MARC, KC Rising, and top area foundations have set the stage for Kansas City to be the national model for a new talent marketplace, powered by AstrumU.

Career Pathways Innovation Summit — Feb. 26

We invite career services directors from universities, campus recruitment leads/CHROs and other invested community stakeholders to help us build a home-run experience with our products and services. To gather expert feedback, AstrumU is jointly hosting a summit with the University of Kansas on Feb. 26 at the KU Edwards Campus.

For more information on the summit and AstrumU’s work in the KC area, contact Calvin McConnell. To learn more about TeamKC contact Jessica Palm.

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