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Relocation Trends to Watch

by Angela Orr | May 23, 2018

Malfer & Associates is a great resource for information on relocation at a local and global level. Learn more about what their team sees as global trends in these areas for 2018 in the blog below.

What are the global relocation trends to look for in 2018? Understanding the big picture is important, but working on a local level brings relocation to life. Each year the corporate world sees changes in recruiting and relocation including corporate opinions, economic development, and political factors.

Global changes also have a large impact on relocation including accepting transferee assignments and limitations like working visas and work permits.

Our team of global relocation experts have identified the five key trends to be on the lookout for this year.

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  1. Tax Reform

    The new tax laws play a large role in the burden of taxes on employees. Knowing the differences from today's tax ramifications compared to those of days past can help tip the scales in your favor for a more attractive employee relocation benefit package than the competition.

  2. Family Acclimation and Spousal Support

    Congratulations, you landed the star candidate. But how do you get the spouse to say yes to relocation stress? Courting the candidate is half the battle. Streamlining the entire move process and rooting the spouse and children to the new territory is crucial for employee performance.

    Bridging the interests and hobbies of the family to their new "normal" will greatly help the connection to community grow. This includes tours of the Kansas City area, finding the best schools for their children, shopping areas, and neighborhoods.

  3. Improved Destination Services

    Transferees want information and they want it now.  Destination services in days past were limited in nature. However, today it must be woven into the tapestry of your relocation benefits.

    The more extensive, the more attractive the move appears.  From area tours of neighborhoods to mortgage assistance to cost of living, this part of the package must be highly considered.  

  4. Moves Are the New Normal

    Gone are the days of 30+ years at a job to earn a commemorative watch. Employees are increasingly turning to social media to stay apprised and not miss the next big career jump. As a result, relocation is as sure of a thing as taxes. A strong relocation package capturing the current trends in employee workplace needs coupled with a minimization of tax burdens will yield a key play in the marketplace. 

  5. Outsource to Relocation Experts

Global and national relocation programs include a variety of different factors including tax reform, visa applications, and compliance reporting. It is in the client’s best interest to outsource services to relocation experts that can mitigate risks and assist with family acclimation.

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Malfer & Associates lends the local expertise at an agent level to provide exceptional service for corporate companies in Kansas City. With the support of its affiliation with ReeceNichols and thus partnership with HomeServices Relocation and Mr. Warren Buffett, they offer a robust package for global relocation.

Need help with one or all of the above areas? Malfer & Associates is your source for anything and everything relocation on a local and global level. Contact Erin Bassi with questions about how Malfer & Associates can partner with you or your organization. For more information about TeamKC: Life+Talent contact Jessica Palm.

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