About TeamKC

TeamKC is proud to be the KC region’s authority on promoting Kansas City as a destination for talent. We work closely with a number of important regional partners, collaborating on solutions to support and accelerate the growth of the companies that call KC home.

TeamKC was created more than a decade ago by the Kansas City Area Development Council as a competitive advantage for employers across the region walking alongside their efforts to attract the best and brightest talent to the KC area. Today, TeamKC is a collective of more than 1,000 recruiters, HR executives and community partners, who are all competing for talent, coming together to elevate Kansas City.

We take the sports theme seriously at TeamKC, and we know that in any sport, a team is constantly training, adapting and enhancing all of its skills to win. In many ways, each employer is like a sports team. The way they recruit, retain and develop talent is constantly changing. TeamKC empowers talent acquisition and HR leaders by providing practical tips, trends and resources to take the talent game to the next level.



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