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Access shared resumes of individuals making the transition to KC or recently displaced local talent.

This network of 1,100+ recruiters across all industries in the KC market helps make connections and provides potential employment opportunities for top talent looking to start or further a career in our region.

Contact us if you'd like to submit a resume and view a listing of our partner resources to aid in an individual's job search.

Resumes will be featured as new candidates for approximately 45 days, and will be moved to the active candidates section for up to six months.

New Candidates

Maria Fernanda Baca
Elementary Education

Jordan Blinn
Project Management

Jack Conrad
General Management

Melissa Footlick

Nicole Friesema
Project Management

Joe Gameson

Julie Hawkins
Marketing & Communications

Brian A. Howell
Product Management

Greg Melton
Project Management

Huda Abdul Rawoof
Information Technology

Annabelle Rixson
Business Development

Paige Smith

Olivia Warren
Marketing / Project Management

Samantha Zupko

Active Candidates

Architecture & Engineering

Jason Ayers
Mechanical Engineering


Jill Hixon
Learning & Development

Financial Services

Noah Fetter

Human Resources

Katie Kupka
Talent Acquisition

Manufacturing & Logistics

Kevin Fite
Regulatory Compliance

Kelton Neal
Operational Analytics

Marketing Communications & Creative Services

Chloe Iossi

Kathleen Baker

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