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3 Ways to Brand Your Company in the Best Way Possible

by Jessica Palm | Feb 29, 2016
StacyPursellHeadShotTeamKC partner, Stacy Pursell, managing partner of The VET Recruiter, a division of the Pursell Group, offers insight on ways to think about employer branding throughout your hiring process:  

Employer branding is more important than it has ever been in the world of employment.  

One of the reasons for this is that the Millennial Generation puts a premium on working for an organization that has a pristine reputation and brands itself in a positive fashion. As a result, that weighs heavily in the decision-making process for their career.  

The hiring process provides a great opportunity for your organization to brand itself because you have close interaction with multiple candidates, all of which have the ability to be “brand champions” for you throughout the industry.  

Below are three ways to brand your company in the best way possible through the use of a stellar hiring process:  

#1—Let candidates know if something has changed.  

Earlier this year, The VET Recruiter conducted a survey of candidates in the Veterinary and Animal Health industries, and we asked them to identify things that annoy them most throughout the hiring process. “Not knowing where they stand in the process” was far and away the most popular answer. In fact, it received three times as many votes as the No. 2 item.  

If you’re currently considering a candidate for a position and something has changed in the process, be courteous and let them know. It does not have to be a phone call; an email is more than enough. They will appreciate the effort and honesty. Utilizing a “cloak and dagger” strategy can backfire, especially with the best candidates who could be considering employment at more than one organization.  

#2—Call candidates with good news.

This is important because candidates want to feel as though they’re wanted. You might be thinking, “Well, we’re extending an offer . . . isn’t that feeling enough?” Perhaps, but do you really want to take a chance?  

Maybe the candidate has received two offers: yours and one from your competition. Your competition calls to extend the offer, and you do not. Guess which offer the candidate is more likely to accept. However, if you’re working with a recruiter, allow them to make the offer and then follow up with a personal phone call to welcome them aboard.  

#3—Give candidates feedback if they don’t receive an offer. 

Candidates crave feedback in the face of rejection. They want to know why they weren’t selected, what went wrong, and what they can do to improve when being considered for future opportunities. Not only does that soften the blow of the rejection, but it also provides value to the candidate.

Once again, they will appreciate your honesty and they will speak well of you to their colleagues and friends. As with the No. 1 item on this list, you don’t have to call them with feedback, an email will be enough. However, a phone call will have the most impact.

How often do you or the other members of your organization practice the three items listed above? How much effort would it take to consistently incorporate these activities into your hiring process? 

The only thing better than hiring the best candidate for your open position, is hiring the best candidate while leaving the rest of the candidates with an even better impression of your organization than they had before the process began. 

To learn more about The VET Recruiter, a division of the Pursell Group, contact Stacy Pursell. To learn more about TeamKC, contact Jessica Nelson.

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