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The Latinx Workforce: Largest Growing Population in the U.S.

by Jessica Palm | May 30, 2017

In a recent post we shared recruiting tips and tricks for the future workforce, Gen Z. Taking a deeper dive into this cohort, "diversity will be a defining attribute of this generation," according to The Atlantic. "The Census Bureau is forecasting that over half of kids in America will belong to a minority race or ethnic group by 2020." 

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers offers insight into the Latinx workforce and ways to engage this talent today and into the future:

  • As the largest growing population, consisting of close to 20 percent of the entire U.S. population, the Latinx community is a major force.
  • With nearly 58 million people, and a projected growth of 40 percent over the next 45 years, the Latinx community currently has $1.7 trillion buying power.
  • Even with the amass of leverage, the Latinx STEM workforce has less than 2 percent representation and less than 1 percent at the C-suite levels.

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) works with partners to change the equation and see a diverse and global representation in their workforce. Latinx

Diversity is proven to have a great impact on bottom line and bring innovation to businesses, and SHPE recognizes this is a challenge and for over 40 years has made strides in increasing the number of Latinx pursing STEM education and careers.

SHPE National Conference is the largest Latinx technical conference in the country, geared towards attracting middle and high schoolers, undergraduate and graduate students, academics, and professionals from all over the country representing seven regions to support this engagement and recruitment of diverse talent. 

In 2017, SHPE is celebrating its 40th Annual National Conference in Kansas City. With attendance numbers tipping over 6,800, it promises to be eventful and full of great energy.

Learn more about SHPE and how to get involved in its national conference here. To learn more about TeamKC, contact Jessica Nelson

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