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Challenge Your Traditional Sourcing Strategies

by Addie Linn | Aug 08, 2018

At the latest TeamKC Recruiter Roundtable hosted by the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council, the TeamKC Network got a peek behin­­­­­­­d the curtain of the state-of-the-art Summit Technology Academy in Lee’s Summit, MO. While taking in the splendor of this valuable community asset, talent acquisition leaders and community partners from across the region  discussed hot topics including certificates on resumes, non-traditional sourcing strategies and more.

Certifications a Plus
Do special trainings or certificates make candidates stand out? It’s a gray area. It may be hard to determine whether a certificate is a value-add for a candidate or resume fluff depending on how the candidate articulates the skills gained from garnering the credential. 

Recruiters seem to agree that a certificate may be a nice touch on a resume, but in most cases it isn’t a substitute for a good culture fit, great work ethic and a positive attitude. However, in some instances, a certificate or training can set a candidate apart from other applicants if otherwise their skills and applications are the same.

Think Creatively
The solutions to your sourcing issues may not lie in traditional methods. More often companies are thinking outside-of-the-box. Getting buy in from leadership to implement innovative recruiting ideas may seem like a daunting task but could have maximum payoff in the long run. Here’s a look at some of the approaches that are working for a variety of companies: ­­­­­­­­­­

  • Employee Referral Programs: They say that good people know good people - so why not have your good people help with your talent acquisition efforts? You can offer monetary incentives to current employees who refer candidates in their circles for open positions. Leverage your ATS to log and monitor those referrals and you’ve created an easy system for sourcing talent. Get even more creative by turning your referral program into a retention effort with current employees by paying out referral bonuses over a length of time versus a lump sum up front.
  • “Second Chance” Sourcing: Some organizations are actively sourcing from correctional facilities and recovery residences. Hiring managers are finding that individuals with a difficult past may be even more ready to prove themselves by working hard and volunteering for overtime.
  • Social Media Strategizing: In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, meeting your candidates where they are is essential. Position your brand as a thought leader in your respective field and be subtle in your talent acquisition efforts. This allows potential candidates to get to know your company and for you to build a more long-term relationship. Additionally, consider going live on Facebook and Instagram as an opportunity to reach your candidate in a unique way. Service providers like Symphony Talent were referenced as a go-to in helping reach talent strategically.

The Candidate Experience
Don’t let your candidates “ghost” you - keep them around by improving their experience tenfold. You can do this by being upfront about your intentions. Whether you’re highlighting your diversity and inclusion objectives or outlining your candidate screening process, potential hires will appreciate your transparency. Take a cue from Kansas City-based Pro Athlete, Inc. This company breaks down the hiring process on its website in a step-by-step guide that helps candidates gracefully navigate the hiring experience.

Artificial intelligence won’t retract the need for a human element in your recruiting operations but can speed up the process and improve the candidate experience along the way. For instance, Pymetrics uses neuroscience technologies to match candidates to openings they may not have considered before. The interface strives to cut down on ineffectiveness and unconscious bias in hiring and to retain more candidates throughout the process.

These ideas and many more were discussed at length. Contact Jessica Palm to learn more about the TeamKC Network and how you can get involved in future roundtable events.

Special thank you to our host Jessica Hamilton with the Lee's Summit Economic Development Council. For more information on Summit Technology Academy contact Director/Principal Jeremy Bonnesen.

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