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Recruiter Roundtable Recap | January 2022

by Logan Derosia | Jan 26, 2022

Did you miss the latest TeamKC Recruiter Roundtable? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

In partnership with the KC Tech Council, we hosted the first TeamKC Roundtable of 2022! At the event, top recruiters across the region connected to start the year on the right foot.

The world of talent acquisition can be hectic, but hey, if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s how to embrace chaos. To help each other navigate the virtual and IRL recruitment scene, our attendees shared their creative approaches to source talent and manage virtual onboarding. 

TeamKC January Roundtable

Here are the highlights:

No. 1 | Partner with Marketing 

Sometimes life is hard, and it’s easy for it to seem like there is too much on your plate. Finding ways to “divide and conquer” can help give you some balance.

If you have access to a robust marketing team, they might be able to create helpful materials that will make your organization stand out in the war for talent. For example, partnering to make *video/animated content and creating strategic promoted posts with employer branding can really make a difference.

Attendees also mentioned a need to increase efforts to maintain engagement with new hires between the time of the offer to the actual start date. Consider reaching out to your marketing team to see if they can help by creating email onboarding campaigns, social media content and events - the opportunities are endless.

*Contact TeamKC for access to a robust library of Kansas City video content.

No. 2 | Empowering Employees

Another hot topic emphasized during the discussion was that of empowering your employees to participate in the recruitment process. You know your organization is outstanding, and by reminding your employees of its “awesomeness”  and empowering them to share their story, you can tap into their networks.

Provide talking points to encourage employees to share opportunities with their followers and friends.

No. 3 | Embracing Virtual Onboarding

Some recruiting teams have learned how to conquer virtual onboarding. They shared their best practices with the group:

  • Gamify the experience - if you’re having fun it’s more likely that your new employees are too!

  • Spread out training with plenty of screen breaks.

  • Make your life easier by creating and distributing standardized information.

What are some creative ways your team is approaching TA these days? Connect with TeamKC to get involved with more Roundtable discussions and KC resources by reaching out to Angela Kennedy.

Special thank you to The KC Tech Council for hosting our first TeamKC Roundtable of 2022:

In an effort to support the growth of the tech industry in the region, the KC Tech Council invested in Apprenti KC to build out a new, diverse pipeline of talent. For more information about our work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Erin Christensen, Program Manager, at

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