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TA in the Midst of a Labor Shortage -- How Companies are Adapting & What This Means for Talent in KC

by Logan Derosia | Feb 14, 2022
With the nationwide labor shortage, recruiters and HR professionals are getting extra creative with sourcing and retaining top talent across the nation.

Being named a top city for tech industry job growth and a best city to work remotely are definitely in KC's favor - but what are some top trends in attracting and retaining talent throughout 2022??

According to Emsi's 2022 Talent Playbook, compensation and leadership are in the lead. Check out the video recap for a quick play-by-play or sample our breakdown of top trends below.

It's all about the $$$ + incentives

Wage rates increased nearly 1.5% in Q3 of 2021, twice as much as Q2 of 2021 and Q3 of 2019, with hospitality, supply chain and healthcare industries seeing the highest increases. Wage transparency is the new norm with 3x as many job postings advertising wage rates compared to 2016.

Companies are also getting creative with incentives, from providing childcare and offering generous vacation days, to implementing wellness programs and tuition assistance, the list goes on.

Pro-Tip: Tailor benefits to your target talent pool.

Leadership > Technical Skills

Organizations are looking for people with strong interpersonal skills -- technical skills can be trained, but individual personality, values and ambition are invaluable.

For example, the U.S. IT job market is continuing to explode into 2022 and making the demand for tech jobs much greater than the number of available qualified workers.

Ted Deel writes in the KC Tech Council Talent Report, "employers are becoming more flexible with regards to educational and certification requirements while putting a premium on professionals with strong communication and team-oriented attributes."

The future is bright for KC -- and staying on top of TA trends ensures our region will continue to be a top destination for talent.

TeamKC is here to help you spotlight the Kansas City region as a great place to live and work. Please contact Angela Kennedy to discuss our robust library of tools and how we can personally assist you and your team.


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