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The State of Work: Finding Balance in KC

by Logan Derosia | Jun 09, 2022

Whether we’re talking in-person or remote work, Kansas City and TeamKC have you covered.

As restaurants and storefronts reopen across the nation, it seems the only place lacking its usual foot traffic is the office. Again, highly anticipated return-to-office programs across the U.S. have come to a standstill, with people working remotely about 39% of the time, according to a recent article in PEW. This is reflected in the KC region, with 27% of Kansans and 32% of Missourians working remotely.

For many businesses, remote/hybrid work appears to be here to stay.

With a potentially global talent pool, it is more important than ever for communities and businesses to collaborate. Whether a candidate is seeking in-person experiences or their dream remote-work space, the most important thing is to find a place that meets all their lifestyle needs.

That’s where we come in! TeamKC supports talent acquisition teams by showcasing why KC is an epic community to call home.

In KC, talent can access an abundance of resources such as co-working spaces and high-speed broadband availability, plus a flourishing quality of life, making it an enticing choice for workers on all sides of the spectrum.

Remote Work Haven 
The KC metro is a hub for shared workspaces and a center for connectivity, making our region a top place to work remotely.


Some of our beautiful and innovative shared workspaces include WeWork, Plexpod, Expansive Workspace, Regus and Serendipity Labs - just to name a few.

As for broadband availability, KC is the most connected region in the U.S. Three out of four homes in the region have access to gigabit speeds, i.e. the ability to stream movies and create TikTok content 100 times faster than the average internet speed in the U.S.

Live Your Dream Life
KC Heartland’s collaborative business community, vibrant sports culture, countless festivals and philanthropic events, such as the Big Slick and Parade of Hearts, make this region a premier place to live (and work).

The word is getting out. Most recently, KC was named: 

  • A top city for creatives by Thrillist;

  • A high ranking community in LGBTQ+ equality by the Human Rights Campaign;

  • Home to the No. 8 happiest city in the nation by WalletHub;

  • And perhaps most importantly, a "paw-fect" place for pooches and their humans by Livability.

Tl;dr: KC is well positioned as a destination for all types of talent to flourish, whether a day at work involves attending virtual meetings from a home office or being in-person at one of our region’s thriving companies.   

Need resources or custom content to help tell the KC story to potential candidates or new hires? Reach out to TeamKC.

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