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Recruiter Roundtable Recap | September 2022

by Logan Derosia | Sep 29, 2022

TeamKC’s latest Recruiter Roundtable was filled with talk of the season - football, pumpkin patches and career fairs, of course. There was no better way to kick off the spooky season than spending the morning with our TeamKC network of recruiters. Hosted at Littler Global Services Center, attendees shared ideas and best practices for return-to-work policies, employee onboarding and DEI&B. Here’s a quick recap:

Companies are settled into their new normal, whether they are fully back in person, using a hybrid model, or are still mostly remote. No matter your new work schedule, it’s important for your organization to recognize the advantages of working from home and being in person.

Attendees highlighted a few ways that they have brought the perks of working from home to the office, combining the flexibility that comes with WFH with the culture and connection that comes with being together IRL.

  • The option to bring your pet to work

  • Revamped onsite amenities like gym and locker rooms, dining options, etc.  

  • Focused “together days” where teams come into the office on the same day to collaborate and enjoy a happy hour

  • Shifting policies like workplace attire to allow for a more comfortable work environment

Employee Onboarding
The employee onboarding process is a hot topic in the world of HR/TA right now. Recruiters shared what their current onboarding processes look like and ways they’re enhancing their programs.

  • Clearly define the length of onboarding and schedule check-ins intermittently. For example, organizations that consider onboarding to be three months might schedule check-ins at 30, 60 and 90 days. 

  • Create a strong mentorship program for your new employees. Providing new employees with a mentor in a different department connects them with the entire organization and encourages relationship building they may not have had otherwise.

Pro tip: A welcome gift can go a long way in creating a memorable first impression. Email us for a personal introduction to our gift box partner, Made in KC.

We concluded our morning with a discussion about what organizations are doing in the realm of DEI&B. Several organizations are starting to add “B” to DEI efforts. Representing “belongingness,” the B in DEI&B is the next step for many companies in their inclusion and equity efforts.

For organizations struggling to get Employee Resource Groups off the ground, garnering support outside of HR is key. The effort also can’t just fall to a couple of passionate employees - it needs to come from everyone.

BTW - The Center for Disability Inclusion is a great resource to help advance disability inclusion in the workplace.

Thanks to Robert Rojas and the Littler Mendelson team for hosting and sharing insight into current employment law trends.

TeamKC is excited to host the “POV: Life in KC” immersive lifestyle events at KU, Mizzou and K-State over the next few weeks! You can help us spread the word using our digital toolkit or reach out to to learn how your organization can get involved.

And last, but certainly not least, the next edition of KC Options Magazine is coming very soon! Make sure you’re following @team.kansascity on Instagram to get all the updates.  👀

To learn more about how to get involved with TeamKC, email Addie Linn.

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