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TeamKC Roundtable Recap | July 2023

by Paige Smith | Aug 01, 2023

With today’s rapidly evolving digital and social climate, it’s crucial for recruiters and HR professionals to equip themselves with a variety of tools to support their talent efforts. 

This month, McCownGordon Construction hosted the TeamKC network to discuss all things artificial intelligence (AI) and work-life integration.


  • AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies, with machines simulating human-like cognitive abilities. Many HR professionals already see the value AI brings, with one-third using machine learning to increase efficiencies, while another 41% plan on implementing these technologies (2023 TeamKC Scouting Report).

  • Work-life integration is the concept of blending personal and professional life in a harmonious and amicable way. With this, employees decide when they tackle their duties rather than being forced to draw lines between personal and work time (BetterUp, Work-life integration: What it is and 5 ways to develop it).


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • By leveraging AI, talent professionals can create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace. Machine learning can help reduce unconscious bias throughout the hiring process and aid in sourcing a diverse candidate pool. Overall, the data-driven insights AI brings to the table help identify the most qualified candidates for the role.

  • There are unlimited AI platforms to help streamline processes and assist in creative ways. Here are just a few that came up in the discussion:

    • Platforms like ChatGPT can help with writing job descriptions and job postings while ChatBot can help with customer service and employee assistance. 

    • SeekOut is used to help source diverse and local talent, eliminating unconscious bias. 

    • Remini is an AI photo enhancer that can be used to create new professional headshots. Like any AI platform, this tool is not perfect. Take a close look at the AI headshots below and you’ll see a few giveaways.

  • Look at AI as a co-pilot, not the captain. While AI can enhance productivity and efficiency, it needs to be guided and supervised by humans to ensure responsible use. 

Work-life Integration

  • Flexible schedules play a vital role in work-life integration. Offering employees more autonomy to regulate their schedules and integrate work commitments with personal responsibilities reduces stress, improves job satisfaction and increases productivity - all leading to improved talent attraction and retention efforts. This includes amenable work hours, hybrid/remote working opportunities and flexible PTO, which all empower employees to structure their workdays to fit their personal and professional needs.

  • Trusting your coworkers is essential to work-life integration as it fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment. When you take time off, TAKE THE TIME! By creating a trusting and collaborative culture, colleagues have confidence in one another to help manage their workloads so they can return energized.

  • Rejuvenation leave is a benefit McCownGordon provides, allowing employees to take four weeks off of work after earning 10 points. Not only has this benefit been quoted as “life-changing,” but it also gives members of the team the opportunity to learn new skills and discover the responsibilities managed by their team members that take leave.

Thank you to McCownGordon for hosting! For more information on how TeamKC can be a resource for your talent attraction efforts, contact Danielle Hilton

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