• TeamKC
    December 02 | 6:00PM
    Back2KC's mission is to drive additional revenue, mentorship, investments, partnerships, residents, job creators and overall positive growth to Kansas City, particularly by engaging successful KC natives who no longer reside in the region.

    While this remains an invitation-only event, the Back2KC team welcomes recommendations on who needs to get Back2KC, as well as feedback on KC impactors to spotlight.

  • TeamKC
    December 10 | 11:00AM
    Link & Learn | My Way or the Highway: Embracing and Navigating Workplace Conflicts

    Powered by KU Edwards Campus, Link & Learns are free one-hour online professional development sessions where you can gain practical workplace communication strategies based on the latest organizational communication and management research. 

    December 2020: My Way or the Highway: Embracing and Navigating Workplace Conflicts 
    Workplace conflict is an inevitable part of organizational and professional life. Learning to embrace it and channel conflict positively can radically alter a professional’s ability to thrive occupationally, manage workplace relationships and expectations, and better solve work-related problems. This session will address two dominant types of workplace conflicts, five commonplace conflict management strategies, and techniques for breaking a stalemate among other communication skills.  

    Time: 11 a.m. - Noon
    Location: Webinar

There are no events for December 2020


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