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Talent Recruitment and HR Trends in KC

by Angela Kennedy | Jun 22, 2018

More than 25 individuals attended the latest TeamKC Recruiter Roundtable this week. The lively discussion included conversations about the future of recruiting, workforce development and everything in-between.


Future of Recruiting:

Technology continues to play a major role in talent recruitment. Texting candidates, however, received mixed reviews. While field workers are used to receiving text communication on the job and appreciate its flexibility through the recruitment process, students often feel that texting can be intrusive or signal that a company’s work-life balance may be off kilter. One way to play it safe? Offer a texting opt-in on the application.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also surfacing in the HR and recruitment space. From chat bots that auto-fill employee database information to assistance in directions and benefits component comparison. The possibilities are endless.

Retention Starts at on Day One:
A major key to employee retention is a seamless interview and onboarding process. Although a “traditional” orientation may not be the ticket, ensuring all new employees receive training on applicable programs and understanding of how their position fits into and contributes to the company structure remain important factors.

Don’t rush it. New employees appreciate extended onboarding with built-in time for discussion and questions. So get the work-space ready, tech on the table, logins activated, and set your new hire up for success.

Inclusion First:
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is one of the top trending “buzzwords” in the HR industry these days. But how do we reach the goal of a diverse organization? Start with inclusion.

Diversity isn’t something that will sprout and grow overnight. It takes time, courageous conversations and participation from all parties to ensure inclusion and respect are synonymous within an organization. Start now - and start with entry-level. It’s easier to find diverse entry-level talent than in the C-suite. Everyone has to start somewhere to blossom at the top.

High Schoolers as Interns:
With programs like Brain Lab and the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP), high schoolers have access to real-world career experience. Gen Z is entering the workforce now. Currently age 2-23, this is a realist generation that is actively seeking early professional experience.

How do we help students find the right path? Some companies are reaching out to counselors and teachers throughout the region to host summits on STEM and medical field related careers. It’s important those that influence a student’s education and career path to know that not all professional careers require a 4-year degree. (Did you know that a high school degree and specific certification training can lead to a career as a Medical Coder making ~$80K annually?)

These are just some of the topics covered, and the conversations continue. What are some areas of recruitment and HR that would benefit you to know more about?

Contact Angela Orr to learn more about the TeamKC network and how you can get involved in future roundtable events.

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