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Hear it Straight from the Source

by Shianne Kolts | Aug 05, 2019

When it comes to the candidate experience, everyone has opinions. Applicants can be confused by the hiring process and recruiters might find they don’t know what candidates prefer. TeamKC partnered with Lockton Companies and the University of Missouri-Kansas City Bloch School to host a dual-panel featuring interns and recruiters. Attendees, including students, had the opportunity to hear about the candidate experience from a new perspective. Couldn’t make it to this panel? We’ve got you covered! 


Intern Perspective 

Three current interns shared what they’re really looking for throughout the hiring process and internship. 

  • When it comes to technology, don’t assume. According to these interns, students would rather make a  connection with a potential employer face-to-face than through a screen. Being able to shake someone’s hand, see the culture of the organization and create a human connection are important factors for young professionals when deciding where to intern. 

  • Even with popular job search platforms, students also use word-of-mouth and college fairs to learn more about a company. Focus on approachability. Be present at college fairs, wear a smile and avoid standing behind tables. If a recruiter seems enthusiastic, students are more likely to stop by and learn more.

  • Students value the intern experience as a whole and want to maximize their time as an intern. Networking, professional development and company events are all part of the job.  Build layers into the internship to assure that these temporary employees can make the most of their short stay.


Recruiters Get Real 

When it comes to applying and finding a job, recruiters understand the ins and outs of the entire process. Our four panelists shared their tips and tricks with the students in attendance. 

  • To stand out in the crowd, a candidate must differentiate themselves from other applicants. To avoid the “black hole” of the application process, fill out the entire application and understand the recruitment cycle. Knowing the right time to apply can increase your visibility amongst recruiters. Also, remember to check back in with the hiring manager and express an interest in the company as a whole. 

  • Unfortunately, rejection is part of the job search journey. However, recruiters want candidates to know that a rejection doesn’t signify the end of the line. Stay in contact with the recruiter, ask for feedback and inquire about other opportunities in the future. 

Special thank you to our TeamKC partners at Lockton and UMKC and our panelists for making this event a success. 

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