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TeamKC Scouting Report | But First, Coffee

by Jessica Palm | May 03, 2018

But first, coffee …
The struggle is real sometimes, but don’t worry we got you. The KC Coffee Trip helps you savor the sips at some of the city’s best coffee shops. And if getting your caffeine fix isn’t enough reason to check it out, there’s swag involved if you hit up all of the stops.    

Millennials, yeah … they’re just like everyone else …
Myth: young people want to live an “Instagram-ready” lifestyle in a coastal city. Eh, not so true. Fact: millennials are aging (they’re 22-37 years old) and seeking cities where they can actually afford amenities like purchasing a home. This Joel Kotkin article shares the math with us: an average millennial needs 28 years to afford a down payment in San Francisco, compared to nine years in Minneapolis and less than three in KC.

Best of the best …
Forbes just announced its lists of America’s best employers, top mid-sized employers and companies that excel in D&I. Several KC companies landed on these lists, and we’re giving them a high five for a job well done!

Bringing manners back …
At Swordfish Tom’s it’s all about the ground rules. No phones, no photos, first-come-first-served to get in, and quiet voices only. Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a speakeasy. Swordfish Tom’s just wants everyone to feel like a VIP in its 30-person cocktail lounge.

Words of wisdom …
“The world our students live in and the world that’s coming is very different. Two-thirds of jobs today’s kindergarteners will have in the future don’t exist yet,” – Aaron North, @KauffmanFDN, speaking at RethinkED.

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