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TeamKC Scouting Report | A Novel Idea...

by Addie Linn | Oct 09, 2018
Read between the wines...
Books and brews collide at Afterword Tavern & Shelves, KC’s newest
hot spot for avid read(drink)ers. The new locale in the east Crossroads
neighborhood touts a bookshelf taller than you with a collection of reads
ranging from new releases to cozy classics. Pair your biography with a
cold ale and sink into the tavern’s comfy lounge seating for hours on end.
Oh and here’s a novel idea – while you’re out book-hopping, add Our Daily Nada in River Market to your list of literary watering holes. Did we just give you the perfect Sunday itinerary? You’re welcome.

For the picky friend…
You know who – the one who claims “I’ll eat anything,” but shoots down every
restaurant suggestion you conjure up. Well - crush my dreams no more, picky
eater. Dubbed a “chef collective,” Parlor KC is the open food hall concept that’s
shaking up the KC foodie scene. The multi-level hall is basically a bar that houses not one but SEVEN different restaurants. From Nashville hot chicken to Korean comfort food, there’s an option for everyone. If the picky eaters aren’t satisfied here, there’s just no hope for them.

How picturesque…
What to say when the leaves start changing. Also when you see the
elegant spaces you’ll find at Kansas City Club, located in the Library
Historic District. The newly remodeled collection of venues exhibits
charming details such as stained glass windows, marble floors, and
oh-so-fancy chandeliers. A variety of spaces with seating from 30 to 300
make Kansas City Club a hip spot for more than just weddings. The grand
opening is October 16 - just in time for you to book your 29th birthday
party for the fourth year in a row. #NoShame

What to do under the mistletoe…
KISS. But not the kind with cooties. More like K.I.S.S., the elementary acronym that stands for “keep it simple, stupid.” In the hectic world of recruiting things can get complicated fast but don’t overlook ways to simplify your methods. According to this, when it comes down to it, candidates care most about one thing in the job search process: clear and consistent communication. Simple, right?

When grandpa’s yelling that he can’t hear you…
Speak up. Which is exactly what TeamKC is doing. We’ve been warming up our
radio voices and are excited to bring you The TeamKC Podcast. Yeah, we
weren’t kidding. The first episode is live and available on iTunes, Spotify,
Stitcher and Google Play. It’s so convenient you can listen to it in the car, on a
walk or even at work - because it's professional development, duh.

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