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TeamKC Scouting Report | If you forgot about Valentine's Day...

by Addie Linn | Feb 15, 2019

If you forgot about Valentine’s Day…
Yeah… you messed up. It may be too late to make a V-Day reservation but make up for it this week with dinner at Farina. Taking your S.O. out to Michael Smith’s newest eatery will have them forgetting you even messed up in the first place. Just around the corner from Smith’s restaurant Extra Virgin, Farina is KC’s newest Italian sensation. Have a five course meal or stop in for a plate of pasta and a glass of wine. Either way, you won’t regret it.

What to do at the top of the stairs…
Take a deep breath. Which is also what you should do inside Shawnee’s new coffee shop/tropical getaway, Cafe Equinox. An extension of Bo Nelson’s, Thou Mayest, this concept offers customers a dosage of “caffeine and chlorophyll” as well as stunning scenery for working or catching up with friends. Attached to Nelson’s family-owned Family Tree Nursery, this cafe is the epitome of entrepreneurship in Kansas City.

When your soap makes a lousy audience…
And the shampoo doesn’t clap… rude! Your shower singing isn’t getting the praise it deserves. Fortunately, a private karaoke party room awaits you at Hotel Karaoke, the latest spot for entertainment in the Power & Light District. Book a room, each of which is modeled after a famous hotel, for any occasion from birthday to bachelor party. It’s the night out you never knew you needed, so channel your inner Cher and belt. it. out.

After setting your stove on fire…
Maybe it’s time... time for a cooking lesson. Local chef and KC Creative, Shanita McAfee-Bryant, owner of Magnolia’s, is offering a series of cooking classes to the public. Get cooking pointers like never before from this master of southern cuisine and winner of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen. She’s like, kind of a big deal. Check it out!

In case you live under a rock…
You’re probably well aware, but ICYMI, last Friday TeamKC hosted the second annual Training Camp. We heard from amazing speakers, added to our toolkits and networked to our heart’s content. We also awarded the Made in KC team with the 2019 MVP Award and launched a brand new KC hype video. If you were there, you may have made it into our recap photo album on Facebook. Take a peep and tag your friends!

Not to toot our own horn…
But like… toot toot! We’re proud to announce that TeamKC’s Angela Orr has been accepted into the KC Chamber’s prestigious Centurions Leadership Program's Spring Class of 2021. Given her accomplishments within KCADC and TeamKC, we know she’ll knock their socks off as a leader in Kansas City. Congratulations, Angela!

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