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TeamKC Scouting Report | Do It For The 'Gram...

by Lexi Ryan | Apr 12, 2019

Do it for the ‘gram…
The ultimate excuse and exactly what we’ll be saying May 11 when KC gains its most “Insta-worthy” piece of art to date. In celebration of the completion of its Western Expansion project, Union Station will commission an air art installation of epic proportion. This shimmering, reflective sculpture will be suspended over the Haverty Family Yards grassy area. You already know we’ll be there opening weekend to get the perfect snapshot.

I need a caffeine IV drip… 
What to say when the Netflix bingeing on season 3 of Queer Eye (seriously, have you watched it yet?) is keeping you up. But, really - if you need a boost before that downtown meeting, pop into Kilo Charlie coffee shop. Nestled inside the Hotel Phillips on 12th Street, this shop by Parisi Artisan Coffee is KC to the core. Aside from serving up delicious local java, the name itself is derived from radio call signals for the letters “K” and “C.” We think that’s pretty “Charlie Oscar Oscar Lima.”

For when you’re feeling blue…
Try the opposite and go red – to Red Crow that is! Offering handcrafted beers, a taproom filled with TVs and games, and a monthly rotation of food trucks – this new brewery is sure to put a smile on your face. Next time you’re in Olathe, give this one a try!

When the Easter Bunny isn’t real...
No surprise here. Kinda like how we’re not at all surprised that KC has been ranked yet again as a top city for food lovers. Yeah, we’re on a roll. Zumper recently listed KC as no. 20 out of 628 cities in the U.S., outranking peer cities and metropolitan giants like Chicago and New York City. Tell us something we don’t know.

Work Hard, Play Hard…
Our favorite Wiz Khalifa song that happens to be the mantra of North KC’s coolest coworking space, Eastbrook Collaborative. From private offices and shared open spaces to a podcast studio and ping pong tables -  book a tour today!


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