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Revamp Your Recruiting Efforts

by Addie Linn | May 01, 2019

TeamKC Recruiter Roundtables allow recruiters in our network to gather and share the best tools in their hiring portfolios. In April, we discussed everything from social recruiting to hiring from within. Here’s what we learned:

Sourcing – build systems that do the work for you.
It’s the problem that every recruiter is facing. In a time of historically low unemployment, innovation in sourcing is key. A simple strategy - make your company structure work for you.

Put your internal database to work. You’ve already hired some of the best – retain them by presenting internal opportunities and helping them transition their careers. Consider laying out a formalized talent mobility program for your organization – you’ll thank yourself later. Think of your current employees as candidates as well as a resource for referrals. Try sending out an internal newsletter to advertise open positions to employees.

Another idea – using your vendors as a resource. Some are finding success in the simplicity of showing appreciation for vendors. Contemplate how building meaningful relationships with your organization’s vendor partners, who have the same skills of the talent you’re looking for, could pay off in the long run. They talk to people, you know.

Let culture save the day.
You know it’s important – but here’s the real deal… Candidates expect a lot. Salary inflation is an ever-present monster living under the bed, but in reality we’re on a budget. When you’re reaching the edge of your salary threshold, the employee experience is the knight that slays the dragon.

Be intentional about creating an environment in which employees want to spend their time. A little flexibility will go a long way – work from home options and flex time give employees the chance to deal with everyday life. Additionally, make time for employee reflection. An hour a week for coworkers to discuss highs and lows can foster bonding and development.

Most importantly, always remember that great culture starts with the candidate experience. A crazy long application will scare talented people away and leaving candidates curious about their status in the process is another no-go. Offering potential hires updates along the way will prevent them from giving up. Need an example of a shining candidate experience? Check out KC’s own, Pro-Athlete.  

Another great example in our own backyard – Children’s Mercy Hospital. We sat down with Director of Talent Acquisition, Molly Weaver, to discuss all things candidate experience on The TeamKC Podcast. Give it a listen for some innovative ideas.

Marketing is magical.
The verbiage in your postings can encourage more enthusiasm about a position. Instead of posting a “job description,” try posting a “job profile.” Craft a job post that allows candidates to visualize how they will make an impact in the position. What will they be able to accomplish in 30, 60 or 90 days? Describe the characteristics of the hire you’re looking for before you list off requirements and expectations. Sprinkling a little glitter on your company vernacular may be more impactful than you realize.

Being proactive is more important than ever along with meeting candidates where they are. It’s by no means revolutionary and can definitely be challenging but this one is worth your time. Figuring out what social platforms your audience is on will benefit you big time and may surprise you. Have you ever thought about including postings on receipts or invoices? Whether you’re looking for C-level execs on LinkedIn or entry level Gen Zs on Tik Tok, getting on their level will see you through.

Special thanks to Dairy Farmers of America for hosting the April Recruiter Roundtable.

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