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TeamKC Scouting Report | It’s been a journey…

by Addie Linn | Mar 13, 2020

It’s been a journey… 
What to say at the end of the longest week ever. Also the reality of KC’s newest creperie. This popular new spot may have had humble beginnings as a food truck, but quickly earned its keep as one of KC’s hottest mobile eateries. Luckily for fans of Seven Swans Creperie, the business has taken up a permanent residence in the Westside neighborhood. Run, don’t walk! But, for real, get there early! 

No need to fight over toilet paper…
Turns out an all-out brawl in the paper goods aisle isn’t going to keep you or your employees safe from the novel coronavirus. Companies can minimize risk and lessen anxiety by simply staying educated. SkillPath, TeamKC partner and a leading learning and development provider, has established several online training opportunities to help business leaders protect their employees, customers and companies. Learn more about the opportunity – then wash your hands – here are a few anthems to hit your 20-second scrub time.

When you’re thinking about adopting a dog…
Whoa. That’s a big decision! Can you even keep a plant alive? Maybe put that to the test first and get some help from our friends at the new Paradise Garden Club in the Crossroads Arts District. Supplying more than retail for all of your gardening needs, the shop will also offer in-person assistance and hands-on workshops to help you keep your plant pet alive and well.

As Seen on TV… 
HGTV that is! If you’re even a semi-fan of the on-screen house flipping trend, you’ve heard about Tamara Day of Bargain Mansions. The Kansas City native is remodeling the metro’s historic mansions one fixer-upper at a time. Her design style and taste in decor are now even more accessible with a brand new shop in Prairie Village, Growing Days Home. Offering home furnishings, decor and design services, this boutique will get you one step closer to having your very own bargain mansion. 

When you just can’t eat another Bloomin’ Onion...
Give Outback Steakhouse a rest… you’ll soon be able to get a taste of Australia elsewhere. Billie’s Grocery, a restaurant and bakery, is set to open in early April inside the newly-restored Luzier Building at 31st and Gillham. Robin Krause, the current owner of Unbakery & Juicery, will bring light and healthy options, perfect for breakfast, lunch or happy hour!

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