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TeamKC Special Announcement

by Addie Linn | Jan 27, 2021

No one could have predicted the curveball 2020 gave us. With change also comes clarity and opportunity, and we’re excited to share some big TeamKC news! 

Over the last six months, KCADC has reimagined its marketing team to enhance the creation of exceptional regional KC content for our clients, investors and community partners.  

We’d like to announce the following expanded roles within the TeamKC and KCADC team: 

Angela, Addie, Jessica


We’re thrilled for Angela Kennedy to lead TeamKC in her growing investor relations role within KCADC. Angela will oversee strategy and direction of the TeamKC initiative with the guidance of the 2021 TeamKC Board of Advisors on behalf of you, our TeamKC Network.

Addie Linn will continue to work closely with Angela on the TeamKC initiative, and we’re excited for her to also lead broader KCADC marketing projects in 2021, including the digital efforts around KCADC’s KC Heartland Campaign

In addition, Jessica Palm will now lead KCADC’s marketing communications and public relations efforts across the organization as we work to attract companies and talent to our region. TeamKC will still benefit from her expertise from a messaging and content perspective.

Cheers to a positive and bright 2021, and we hope to see you soon! 

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