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Recruiter Roundtable Recap: January 2021

by Addie Linn | Feb 01, 2021

Miss the latest TeamKC Recruiter Roundtable? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the highlights… 

Kicking off our first roundtable event of 2021, attendees heard from local entrepreneur and humanitarian, Godfrey Riddle. As a black man and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Godfrey has always used his personal experience to make the world a better place, eventually leading him to launch his own purposeful lifestyle company - Civic Saint

More than just a fashion forward apparel brand, Civic Saint is focused on supporting organizations that fight for equality and uplifting those advancing the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Throughout his remarks, Godfrey emphasized how recruiters can engage in the community by supporting local businesses and makers as well as offering time and talent to boards of regional organizations. Before parting, he left the group with one more nugget - free shipping on orders with code “TeamKC.” 

Moving into peer-to-peer discussions, attendees were able to dive into a list of talent attraction hot topics. 

No. 1 | Flexibility
It’s likely that your team has already been having conversations about the possibility of work from home solutions becoming permanent for some employees. As offices begin reopening, events come back to IRL and people start to integrate back into their old routines, flexibility is as important as ever. 

Approach your company’s integration back into in-person happenings with caution - slow and steady will win this race. Consider a hybrid model of remote and in-person work and always be flexible with employees. There will be varying degrees of comfort among employees as invitations are extended to meet in groups once again, so remember - flexibility, understanding and grace are key to approaching the situation with compassion. 

No. 2 | Talent Pool & Pipeline
The majority of roundtable attendees indicated they were experiencing an uptick in qualified applicants. While not a bad problem to have - it may be overwhelming to sort through those candidates on top of your already busy day-to-day. 

A helpful tip - consider how you’re dealing with discarded resumes. Can you add those candidates to an email list to reach out to for future openings that may be a better fit? Even in times of abundance, focus on the candidate experience as a whole, from before the application and beyond the rejection. 

No. 3 | Interns
The issue burning a hole in the minds of recruiters most right now. At this point, most are indicating that decisions about interns are still up in the air. While cautiously optimistic about in-person programs, it’s likely that most interns will work remotely or hybrid this summer. 

If you’re feeling left out of the conversation about intern best practices, be sure to sign up for the next Recruiter Roundtable: Prep for Interns on Thursday, March 25.* 

*This event is exclusively available to KCADC investors. To inquire about involvement in our organization, please contact Angela Kennedy

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