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Scouting Report | Looking for bliss on a plate...

by Alexia Diamond | Sep 13, 2021

Looking for bliss on a plate…
It doesn’t matter where you’re from, Kansas City has something for everyone when it comes to food! A recent article by Travel + Leisure praised KC for its revamped food scene, multi-cultural expression and collective experience. So, if you’re stuck in a restaurant rut… STOP! Get out and explore what KC has to offer.

Festivaling in KC...
Grab some friends, some cooled drinks and find shade because it’s festival time in KC! KKFI is putting on its 17th annual Crossroads Music Fest highlighting some amazing KC faves in the Crossroads Art District and the West Bottoms. Head over to Bonner Springs to idle with the lords and ladies of KC’s annual Renaissance Festival. Looking for something a bit more animated?  Check out the Naka-Kon Anime Convention that takes place twice a year. Plan accordingly to not miss the next one!

A love letter to Kansas City...
If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso on Apple TV, what are you doing? We promise you won’t want to miss the not-so-subtle references to your favorite city, which might even make you homesick if you’re far away. KC’s own Jason Sudeikis plays a heartwarming soccer coach who’s keen on sharing the KC love. Want to spread the love like Lasso? Sign up to be a KC Heartlander to get in on the fun.


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