2023 TeamKC MVP Award

Kansas City Aviation Department

The 2023 TeamKC MVP Award was presented to the Kansas City Aviation Department for its momentous contribution to the KC region, opening the new, single-terminal at KCI airport in February 2023. The state-of-the-art terminal will play a key role in helping organizations recruit talent to the region for years to come, serving as the first impression candidates have of KC and setting expectations of what our region has to offer. 

The TeamKC MVP Award is an award given to a team from the corporate, educational, civic, government or nonprofit space that has provided a significant impact on or contribution to the success of making the Kansas City region a top destination for talent. The team receiving the award will have gone far and beyond to show collaboration, innovation, thought leadership and impact on behalf of the Kansas City community.


Nominations for the TeamKC MVP Award may come from anywhere in the Kansas City region. The TeamKC Board of Advisors or a subcommittee appointed by the TeamKC Board will decide on the recipient of the award each year. Please send nominations for the 2024 award to teamkc@thinkkc.com.


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