KC Career Network

Tap into our HR network of top employers in the KC region as a resource for job opportunities 

Through TeamKC's network of more than 500 recruiters in the area, your company will have access to shared resumes of individuals making the transition to KC with your employees and new hires.

This network of recruiters across all industries in the KC market helps make connections and provides potential employment opportunities for your new employee's spouse/partner.  

Contact us if you'd like to submit a resume or subscribe to KC Career Network.

Current Candidates

Suzann Chester
Marketing Leadership

Brett Davis
Biochemical Engineering

Jason Gillette

John Hagerman
Business Development & Sales Leadership

David Heyburn
Project Management

Abby Lerner
Digital Communications 

Vikram Nabar
Product Development

Archive | KC Career Network Candidates

Russell Bruhn
Enterprise Storage Architect

Katia Cheung

Michael Clark
Quality Engineering

Tristen Clark
Mechanical Design Engineering 

Ellen Daley
Talent Acquisition

Steven Durr
Computer Engineering

Margaret Evans
Business Development

John Frazey
Scientific Research

Patrick Joy
Factory Maintenance Mechanics

Connie Kappeler
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology

Jeff Klusmeier

Melisa Koesters
Project Management

Kelly Leahy
Global Communications

Tyler Martin
Graphic Design

Mónica Morales Zaga
Project Management

Natalie Morgan
Marketing Communications

Ashley Pracht

Ubad Rana

Deirdre Sheerin
Executive Leadership

Shradha Shrestha
Financial Services

Mike Sonsini
Software Engineering & Development

Rebecca Spohr

Sydney Tremaine

John Tusa
Sales Leadership

Rachel Wolfowitz
Product Development


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